Four Important Gun Safety Tips

firearms safety

Being knowledgeable about gun safety is absolutely essential for anyone who is serious about taking it up as a pastime. Here are the four main rules that you need to learn inside out, and they apply wherever you are be it at the firing range, hunting with friends or even if you are in a life and death situation.

Safety Rules

Treat All Guns As Though They Are Loaded

This is the first an most important rule of gun safety. Even if you are 100% certain that a gun is not loaded, you should treat it as though it is at all times. Never point the gun at anything that you do not want to destroy.

Never Point The Gun At Anything You Don’t Want To Shoot

This rule applies whether the gun is loaded or not. Try to imagine the the gun has a laser beam coming out of it, and anything that the beam crosses will be gun in half. Make sure that the imaginary beam does not cross anything that you do not want to destroy. That includes people, animals, property and yourself.

Keep Your Finger Of The Trigger Until You Are Ready To Fire

Make sure that you do not rest your finger on the trigger of the gun when you are nor ready to fire. Only when your target is in your line of sight should your finger ever tough the trigger. Every type of gun has a totally different trigger, some are short and have a light pull, where as others are the exact opposite. You do not want to be responsible for the gun going off accidentally, so resting your finger on the trigger, even slightly, is something that must be avoided at all times. If your gun goes off when you do dot expect it to then you are wholly responsible for it and you have been negligent in control of a firearm. When you see professional police in a raid, you will never see them with their finger on the trigger until then engage in combat, even though they are in a life and death situation.

Know What Is In front Of And Behind Your Target

The last thing that you want is to hit an unintentional target as well as your intended one. Always make sure that you are certain what is directly behind and in front of your target whether you are at the range, bird hunting or anywhere else. Also remember that walls do not always stop bullets, so make sure that you are certain that you are not going to do unwanted damage. Walls and ceilings are also not safe places to point a firearm. Read more about gun safety here.