How to Improve Your Clay Shooting Technique

Find your strongest eye

You need to discover which of your eyes is your dominant eye. This is not necessarily the same as your dominant hand, so it may take a bit of testing to discover how to get it right. Some people are lucky enough to find that both eyes work equally as well, and if this is the case, you can simply decide which way round holding the gun feels more comfortable. Try the following tests with both eyes to discover which one feels more natural.

Hole in a piece of wood or card – this is one of the easiest ways to test for your dominant eye. You can simply hold the wood up in front of your face, and with both eyes open, look at a particular target through the hole. Once you are focused, slowly move the wood closer to your face. What you will find is that the hole approaches the stronger of your two eyes, and this will determine which one is more dominant.

Point an Unloaded Gun – another way to test your dominant eye is by lining up the unloaded gun with a target in the distance. When you close each eye at a time, you will be able to see which one is leading the direction that the gun is being pointed in and this will result in you being able to find your dominant eye. You can also do something similar using your finger, but this will at least have the effect of getting you used to the gun at the same time.

If your dominant hand turns out to be the same as your dominant eye, what this means is that you can shoot at your target with both of your eyes open and can rely on the shot to find its way to the target. If, however, your dominant eye is the opposite to your dominant hand – for example if you are right handed with a dominant left eye, what you will need to get used to doing is closing your dominant eye to ensure that it is not affecting your lining up of the shot. Shooting glasses are available that allow you to keep both your eyes open.


Learn how to place the gun correctly

The natural thing to assume may be that you put the gun on your shoulder and then line it up using your cheek and eye, but in actual fact, this should be the other way around. Use your eye and cheek to line up your gun to the target, and then allow the gun to drop onto your shoulder and place itself.

When you have your gun in position, resting comfortably on your shoulder and against your cheek, your whole focus should be on the target. You do not need to be looking at the gun anymore, and the position of the gun relative to the target should all be instinctive by this point.

If you are looking for ways to improve your clay pigeon shooting techniques, then one of the best things you can do is look up a qualified coach who is registered with the Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors. You can look up instructors in your local area here: