Affordable Activity Days On a Budget

Whether you are a fan of shooting, race car driving, paintballing, zorbing or water skiing, there is a really wide choice of activities that you can book for a special occasion. Many people choose activity days for a stag or hen day out, and many will celebrate a birthday or anniversary that way, although you may just want to attend one as a treat for yourself.

Whatever your reasons are, and whatever activity you choose, you might be interested in these tips for saving a little bit of cash when you are making your booking.

Group Booking For Greater Discount

Depending on the activity, sometimes the more people that attend, the less you will pay per head. Obviously some activities such as ballooning have a limit to how many people can actually go, but if it is something such as go karting or advanced driving days, you may find booking as a larger group helps to bring down the price considerably.

There are a lot of different providers these days including Virgin Experience Days, Red Letter Days, Activity Superstore and Into the Blue, so make sure that you check the terms and conditions at each to find out about group discounts.


Shop Around & Compare Prices

As well as comparing group discounts at all of the different providers, it also pays to shop around for the best value deals over all. You may find that one activity which is listed on Red Letter Days is a lot cheaper on Virgin, or vice versa, so take an hour or two to jot down all of the different prices. Bare in mind that prices will fluctuate through the year so what might seem relatively affordable in February might cost you and arm and a leg in June.

Buy Out Of Season

A lot of people will buy activity day gifts for Christmas presents, and this is probably not the best time to get the best prices. If you buy in January or February, you are likely to get a much better deal, so if you can plan in advance it is definitely recommended. Remember that often you activity will have a time limit on it and will have to be used within a certain amount of time, so be sure that you check the terms carefully again.

Are There Any Voucher Codes Available?

This is a question that you should ask yourself every time you buy anything online, not just when shopping for an activity day. Discount vouchers can get you money off just about anything, and when it comes to activity days, this is certainly true. Sometimes you get sent them by email when you sign up for a news letter, sometimes you can find them on Facebook or twitter, although the best way to get hold of them is on a site dedicated to listing them. Here are just a few which I recommend: – UK Shopping Deals (Features some discount codes) – UK Voucher Code Website

VocherCodes UK – The largest discount code site in the UK

My Voucher Codes – One Of the oldest UK sites

Coupon Follow – Site for international deals

Try and sign up to as many of these sites as possible and they will send out the deals to you whenever they arise. Also don’t forget to check on social media, because often you will find exclusive offers for activity days there as well.